Hi, as you can see I am passionate about environmental activism but it wasn’t always that way. I will earn a bachelor degree in International Relations from IE University in 2020, but I couldn’t wait to start a project that would make the difference. I am creative, solar and open and I take the environmental threat very personally because after all, it is also my home just like it is yours. Ever since I was a little girl, I felt a sense of responsibility to leave behind me a trace of good actions, to make my family proud and also to show others that being kind, gentle, and appreciative is the best way to live life.

I wish Generation Terra will mean as much to you as it does to me. I created it so that anyone with a similar will can say “I thrive and foster a world worth living”.

Every time I feel disappointed by our human impact, I think to myself, “life is so beautiful, I wish others could feel the adrenaline rush that takes me way further than any motivation, my will to live a beautiful and harmless life gives me peace of heart and mind”.

Life has so much to offer, experiencing happiness and sadness or euphoria and anger is just what we need to feel appreciative to be alive. I like to look at the bright side, without neglecting the opposite, I don’t want to live in “la la” land, being informed and making informed decisions is what makes me feel good about taking decisions in the first place. The fact that I can say, “I can make an informed decision” is very important. I want to give that power to people who may not even care about the environment, but just want to do what is best in their lifetime.

Emotions are what makes us feel alive. We need a lifestyle that makes us say “I AM F*** ALIVE, LOVE LIFE AND TAKE DECISIONS I CAN BE PROUD OF”.