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Dear Sustainability Manager,

Meet the simplest and fastest tool to incorporate sustainability within your business. 

Sustainability teams, you have one of the most critical jobs in the world: leading your organizations to be a positive influence.


But 70% of your time is wasted on.... formatting spreadsheets and convincing others.

We help you to

Data collection, analytics & reporting

Support the reporting workflow with our Data Collection tool


  • Collect all your organization's data faster in one place thanks to plug-ins and automation

  • Assign and manage data entries across teams
  • Auto-generate reports for meetings and reporting
  • Analyze data also with previous years

AI Strategy Boost

Support decision-making and resource allocation decisions

  • Current and continuously updated data for the industry of sustainability and business

  • Incorporates company's internal data into suggestions

  • Current and continuously updated regulation data 

Solutions Platform

For anything that cannot be achieved internally, there's a partner that can.

  • Discover companies that you can partner with to achieve your goals

  • Share respective sustainability profiles directly on the platform

  • Integrate pertinent data about the collaboration and the impact that it produced

We know your job is far from easy. You must simultaneously handle a billion details, projects, and requests. While it is true that you can do anything, you can't do everything.

We're here to help!

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